Ceramic Coatings Is Good as Gold

Coated industrial infrared lamps (shortwave and medium-wave) can offer a key efficiency advantage (compared to standard, non-coated T3 lamps, T4 lamps, or twin tube lamps). Certain coatings act as a reflector around the section of the lamp not aimed directly at the product, thus focusing the majority of the emissions toward your product.

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Advantages of Twin Tube IR Lamps

Twin Tube IR Lamps offer a versatile alternative to standard single tube lamps. In addition to allowing more watts per inch as compared to single tube lamps (making it possible to attain higher temperatures in a shorter time), twin tubes allow you to make the most out of particular physical constraints. The design of

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Five Things You Should Know about the Operating Life of Infrared Emitters

How long is the operating life of an infrared emitter? How do you define “Operating Life”? How do you measure it? And what influences the operating life in practice? These are questions we are often asked. Here are a few relevant, important facts. 1. The Testing Standard, IEC 62798:2014: “Industrial electro-heating equipment – Test

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