Infrared special emitters for targeted heat in industrial processes

Heraeus has developed special emitters for industrial processes in which very small surfaces, edges or contours have to be heated. They all have in common that their shape, size and spectrum are adjusted to the desired process.

Advantages of special emitters:

  • Directed heating of edges, corners, rims and small surfaces
  • High power on a small area
  • Shut on and off within seconds
  • Automation of complex processes
  • Saves energy because heat is generated only where it is needed.


Infrared special emitters are used especially where heat is needed for a short time on limited areas.

Plastics welding, joining

Deburring of plastic parts

Contour-adjusted special emitters

These infrared emitters are shaped precisely to match the shape of the product to be heated. They help automate the deburring of plastic parts, to weld within seconds or to activate adhesives locally.



Spiral emitters

Emitters of a flat spiral-shape enable e.g. the homogeneous heating of disks, rods and tubes made of plastic, glass or metal.
The spiral-shape emitters are suitable for operation in a vacuum. They are available with short and medium wavelength radiation.

Short-wave emitters for small surfaces (twin and quattro emitters)

Short-wave emitters for small surfaces can well be arranged at the edges of three-dimensional products, are very well to control and transmit a relatively high amount of energy to limited areas within a short time. For example, head liners or hat racks are homogeneously heated to line them.


Omega infrared heaters

Omega emitters are perfect for joining, riveting and welding of plastic. But they are also ideal for bending tubes or drawing plastic or glass fibres.