Carbon infrared emitter – for the efficient drying of water-based or aqueous coatings

carbon infrared emitters feature a unique design of the heating filament that combines the efficient radiation with very short response times in the seconds range. The unique twin-tube layout of the Heraeus carbon emitters (the “Golden 8”) gives them higher radiation density and improved mechanical stability. Carbon infrared emitters are also available as round tube.

Heraeus carbon IR emitters can be manufactured as complete IR systems, for example in Infradry dryers.

Carbon infrared emitters dry water-based or aqueous coatings more efficiently and with 30% less energy compared to short-wave infrared emitters.

  • High-quality quartz glass for good transmission and thermal stability
  • Carbon heating filament with very short response time
  • Robust ceramic lamp base
  • Gold reflector for directed radiation and high efficiency
  • Twin quartz tube (the “Golden 8”) for high stability and double power, available with different lengths
Carbon twin-tube emitters IR emitters
Carbon round tube IR emitters
Power 60 W/cm 30 W/cm
Max. heated length 5000 mm 1500 mm
Cross-section 34×14 mm 19 mm
Filament temperature 1200°C 1200°C
Wavelength 2 µm 2 µm
Max. power density 110 kW/m² 85 kW/m²
Response time 1 – 2 s 1 – 2 s